Security Gates


security gate installation
security gate installation

Protecting your property from theft and vandalism is extremely important. You should leave your property each day knowing your business is fully secured from any unwanted guests who may try and enter. This is why we offer strong and durable security gates in California. Security gates are steel roll up doors that are equipped with strong locks to keep intruders out so that you can feel comfortable leaving your property at the end of the day. We specialize in reliable security gate installation of all types of security gates. We operate in the areas of Orange County, Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara County

We install security gates on parking structures, parking lots, shopping mall storefronts, loading docks, and any other open area that may need security. On top of security gate installation, we can also upgrade your security gate with some of the latest technology to ensure safety and give access control solutions including barrier arms, card readers, and loop detectors. We have many years of experience installing security gates, which is why we are confident we can handle any security gate installation you may need. Let us help you protect your business with quality security gates! 

Types of Security Gates 

Security Grilles

Security grilles are strong aluminum rods that are linked together to cover your property’s entrance. They can either be motorized or manually operated. If motorized, you have the option to use remotes, keypads or other controls to give you versatile access to your property. Security grilles are a good option for storefronts because they allow limited visibility into the store after hours and do not affect the ventilation. 

Scissor Gates 

Scissor gates work similarly to curtains because they open and close horizontally. A scissor gate provides great security while also not interfering with the ventilation that keeps your store comfortable. We often see scissor gates being used in storefronts with glass, school entrances, in front of warehouse doors, and driveways. 

Sliding Gate

A sliding gate is a common choice for commercial and industrial properties that want to upgrade their entrance security. These gates move horizontally from side to side to allow controlled access to your business. We can also upgrade your entrance with the best sliding gate operators to give you reliable entry to your property.

Swing Gate

A swing gate will open more traditionally with the two doors swinging outward to allow entrance to your property. A swing gate can be opened manually or outfitted with a full range of access control technologies to make it automated. These are also a common option for security facilities, residential subdivisions, parking lots, and many more applications.

Contact Us For More Information on Security Gates 

No matter what type of security gates you need to upgrade the security and functionality of your business, we are here to give you the best results! Our team is highly trained to deliver you a quality security gate installation in a timely manner. When it comes to protecting your business, you need American Garage Door & Gate Specialist to get the job done right! Schedule your security gate installation with us today so we can discuss your options for new security gates. 

Whether you are looking for a security door for your store or a sliding gate to secure your property, we guarantee that we will deliver the best results for your security gate installation. When you call American Garage Door & Gate Specialist to do your security gate installation, you can trust that your property is well secured! Contact us so we can take care of your security gate installation today!

security gates