Garage Door Installation Ventura CA

We installed these beautiful traditional long panel garage doors in Ventura CA. Our client’s garage door was 35 years old, but they were finally ready for change. This new door immediately upgraded their curb appeal, leaving their home looking brand new! Plus, this traditional long panel door guarantees reliability and style for their home for years to come! 

Traditional long panel garage doors are a minimal but eye catching garage door design. For our clients, they wanted something simple and beautiful and we fulfilled that wish! The custom long panels were a great addition to this home, but what completed the job was the clean white finish. Our clients were looking for a door that is timeless and built to last. We took their needs and design choices and gave them a door that exceeded their expectations. 

When we installed this traditional long panel garage door for our client, they were able to fall in love with their garage door again. We want to make sure all of our clients are left with a garage door that not only is durable, but adds to the overall appearance of their home. Traditional garage doors are very popular in the Ventura CA area, but our design team can help you find a design that fits your home the best. Whether you are looking for traditional or another style of doors, American Garage Door Specialist can get the job done. For more information on our garage door installation services, you can call us today!